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Short Plays with Music for a Middle School Musical Class
0 2 hours ago by Olivia Robinette
This is a long shot:
0 2 hours ago by Keith Rollins
one acts
0 2 hours ago by Eleanor Gainey
In Search of Recommendations
2 yesterday by Douglas Fox
Original post by Tana Brokering
Chicago: Teen Edition Publicity???
0 yesterday by Ava Turley
Licensing fees
6 yesterday by Robin Blasberg
Original post by Ernesto Rosas
New Fine Arts Building Plans?
0 yesterday by Analiese Hamm
Are you looking for a fun, FREE musical for the Spring?
0 yesterday by Steve Flowers
Seeking Voice/Projection Guest Artist
2 2 days ago by Tuffet Schmelzle
Original post by Kimberly Wibbenmeyer
Where to look for scripts?
13 2 days ago by Elisabeth Ledwell
Original post by Hans Offenfrish
Behind the Scenes Tech Theater Curriculum
0 5 days ago by Lesley Ruzon
Play Help ...
5 5 days ago by Douglas Fox
Original post by Brett Hiner
Where's the Energy?!!!!!
2 6 days ago by Kimberly Wibbenmeyer
Original post by Analiese Hamm
One Act Scripts
3 8 days ago by Jillian Lietzau
Original post by Aubrey Jones
Original musical plays for TYA
0 8 days ago by Jan Callner
One Act Competition- Looking for a contest to enroll in
0 8 days ago by Curtisha Starks
The Shrek Dragon
2 8 days ago by Kendra Knoblock
Monologues about disability
6 9 days ago by Hans Offenfrish
Original post by Julie Tipton
Please read my sob story…struggling to find a musical
12 9 days ago by Holly Wood
Original post by Jordanne Bradley
Hello, Dolly! in 60 min
0 9 days ago by Tina Peterson
Letterman jacket
7 13 days ago by arham kcsjhvj
Original post by Stephen Ingle
0 16 days ago by Dorothea Hackett
5 16 days ago by Jennifer Jordan
Little Shop of Horrors Casting
5 18 days ago by Brian Marshall
Original post by James Smith
Vocal Projection Warmups
1 19 days ago by Jane Dewey
Original post by Jolyne Sampley
Chicago Teen Edition Orchestration
0 19 days ago by Stefanie Plumley
Honor Troupe Recognition
3 19 days ago by Guy Barbato
Original post by Martha Louden
Wednesday's Wisdom from EdTA Emeritus Sages
2 20 days ago by Douglas Fox
Original post by Billy Houck
Ideas to use AI for the Theatre Teacher
6 20 days ago by Michael Johnson
Original post by Russell Saxton
Looking for a full-length play similar to Puffs
3 20 days ago by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Original post by Maggie Gertz
Holiday Poems / Readers Theatre to download?
0 20 days ago by KariAnne Kulig
TRAP (Gregg) Casting; smaller cast
8 22 days ago by DaShawn Griffin
Original post by Cora Turlish
Newsies costumes, props, set pieces, etc in & around New England
0 22 days ago by Carla Molina
Updated Theatre Safety Videos??
2 22 days ago by Elizabeth Rand
Original post by Kristina Cummins
Low Budget, Low Build
7 23 days ago by Josh Kauffman
Original post by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Kate Hamill's Sense and Sensibility
6 23 days ago by julia miles
Original post by Jordan Fox
Reba R. Robertson Award NOMINATiONS DUE DECEMBER 15
0 25 days ago by Jo Beth Gonzalez
Musical for Mezzos and Baritones?
0 26 days ago by Stefanie Plumley
Theatre Methods Course offering, Spring 2024
0 26 days ago by Russell Saxton
Online Theatre Methods Course offering, Spring 2024
0 26 days ago by Russell Saxton
List of Online Masters Programs in Theatre Education
21 27 days ago by Kristi Ross-Clausen
Original post by Jordan Fox
Wednesday's Wisdom From EdTA Emeritus Sages
1 28 days ago by Amy MacCord
Original post by Stewart Hawk
Duet scene in adjudicator video
0 29 days ago by Suzanne Jones
Stepping on Floor Mics
3 one month ago by Michael Johnson
The Sound of Music and Right on Cue Tracks (Maria's Guitar)
1 one month ago by Rachel Pringle
Original post by Robert Cucinella
The Untold Yippie Project by Becca Schlossberg
0 one month ago by Keith Rollins
Need good dramatic 1 man 1 woman scene. Help.
9 one month ago by Michael Limone
Original post by Jillian Lietzau
Best 10 minute play collections for high school students
8 one month ago by Brendan Conheady
Original post by Bryan Ringsted
Illinois school looking for Little Shop puppets
0 one month ago by Kaitlyn Accardi
Two versions of "Little Shop"???
1 one month ago by Matt Curtis
Original post by Michael Limone