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Eagle Theater Teacher


I direct diverse populations using, theater, team building, art, music, dance and mentorship to increase personal development, resiliency and community, and have for the last twenty-six years. I currently lead as teacher and director in Eagle Theater a collection of people from Case High School in Racine, WI. Youth collaborate with groundbreaking performance artists from all over the globe to create original, cutting edge Theater that sends a message. Vibrant connection, conversation and interaction are hallmarks of their work and legacy.

In 1994, I created the Conflict Resolution Crew (CRC) and the Break The Hate Habit Project both that offer youth an opportunity to use theater and leadership to expand their lives. In addition to facilitating and writing musicals and plays centering on youth stories, I received the Outstanding Educator award from Phi Delta Kappa, and the Conflict Resolution Crew (CRC) received the Student Leadership award for youth service from the Racine Interfaith Coalition and an Outstanding Directing award from the Wisconsin High School Theater Festival.

My passion is to addresses the dynamic transformation that can occur when youth are given the opportunity to lead, and given the forum to change themselves and influence others through the creative process of forming community and giving voice.

I thrives in a 26 year-long marriage to Keith Kohlmann; educator, historian and nationally recognized model train designer and builder. I have the luxury of enjoying a close connection with my two sons; Sam (currently attending Augustana University in Alberta, Canada) and Jimmy (senior at Case High School) who often co-direct, write or collaborate on creative works with me.

When I am not in production, I can be found in the yoga studio, in my flower garden or walking on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan near my home.


Goddard College
Plainfield, Vermont, United States
Masters of Education, BA in Art, BA in Psychology, 1998
Theater, Art, Psychology, Outdoor Recreation, Adolescent Sexuality and Abuse
1996 To 1998
Advisor: Kennon Kashima, Margot Grallert

Job History

Racine Unified School District
Teacher, Director
September 1994 - present