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My full name is Gwenyth Kay Morris. Named after Gwyneth Stefani from No Doubt. Since I was little, I loved the arts and tried to perform as much as I could.

My family was mixed in the arts in some ways. On my mom's side, my mom played the clarinet and her brother played trumpet. Their sister sang in choir. On my dad's side, my dad fiddled with the guitar and piano. His youngest brother learned to play guitar, piano, drums and is now a film maker. Their sister danced until her hip injury.

In kindergarten, I started ballet. The teachers there had me follow my aunt's footsteps; my aunt was and still is a dancing legend in the company. The company pushed me because I have natural talent to move. My parents had me put away the slippers in third grade because we didn't agree with the costume choices. But I found other ways to perform.

My church held a choir for elementary students. I participated in that along with my school's musical. I can't remember the name of it, but no one would know it.

The middle school I went to then had only high school acapella. I auditioned and got in as the youngest member. But I only knew lyrics to the newest pop. So my choir and my family introduced me to music of the past. '80s rock, Frank Sinatra, late '90s hard rock, and so on. And it changed me as a person in a way. 

I moved in eighth grade to another school. I was afraid to join the play and their choir, so I just waited for them to perform. I was captivated by the play and fell in love with the stage. I had been playing oboe for 3 years, and so my teacher would only show off my playing at concerts when she needed to impress her superiors. It gave me the courage to audition for the musical and the high school 0 hour choir. I got into both and pursued my career in the arts. 

Freshmen year of highschool, I was not the shy little girl that only listened to pop. It was then when I had the courage to sing and act as whoever I wanted and accept my love in the arts. But I was the only one who actually enjoyed playing my instrument and owning the stage in my grade. So I was bullied a lot. But I performed in the school's play Arabian Nights as many characters but mostly known as Ali Baba. In Shrek, I was Teen Fiona, a Duloc dancer, and Humpty Dumpty. I had my own parts in the choir that I would sing alone and I went to the Thespian Society festival in Michigan.

I got sick of the easiness of getting my parts. I wanted challenge and was sick of the bullying. So was my family, just for different reasons. Then I moved to Florida. This is now the start of my sophomore year. I got into the highest band as first chair oboe, I'm in the Center for the Arts there, and I'm a front ensemble player in marching band. After the school's performance of Spamalot, I will be trying out for the play, their group of Thespian Society, and their acapella team called T.A.G.

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June 2016 - July 2017