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Theatre Teacher/Director
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I have been the theatre teacher (actually the whole theatre department up until a few years ago) at The Potomac School in McLean, Virginia, since 1994. In addition to having general theatre classes in acting, directing, ensemble theatre, and stagecraft, we have a three-year concentration in performance. Students apply at the end of their freshmen year and, if accepted, stay together as a class through graduation. The school has a 500-seat proscenium house with a full shop, where we teach stagecraft, and a small black box theatre, which is my primary classroom. We do three shows a year, with a musical in the winter. We alternate performing spaces in the fall and the spring, so that students who commit to doing theatre during one season get to perform in both spaces over the course of a two year span. 

As for me, personally, I am originally from Brooklyn, and taught theatre for 14 years in New Jersey before my wife, our 1-year old son, and I moved to Northern Virginia. That 1-year old has since grown into an adult, as has his younger brother. My wife has had a myriad of careers in theatre- as an actor, make-up artist, and puppet builder- and is currently building an organic skincare business.


Rutgers University

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the Potomac School
theatre director
September 1994 - present

Morristown Beard School
Theatre teacher
September 1989 - June 1994

The Montclair Kimberley Academy
Theatre teacher
September 1981 - June 1989