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  • 1.  Question about Concord Licensing Fees

    Posted 05-06-2022 07:31
    I'm relatively new to this end of things and I haven't been able to get an answer so I thought I'd come here.  This may be an obvious answer for some, so I apologize if it seems a bit simple.  Almost every company I've used so far (MTI, etc.) has a fairly accurate estimator when trying to figure out licensing costs.  Yesterday I ran the estimator for a Concord show and thought the price point would be within our budget for next spring, but when I went through the licensing agreement end of things, the cost it showed me was nearly double the estimated cost for licensing.  Can anyone explain to me why there is such a big jump between the estimator and the actual fee that you get with the agreement?

    Jeremy Grant
    Madison Southern High School

  • 2.  RE: Question about Concord Licensing Fees

    Posted 05-09-2022 12:08
    Hi Jeremy,
    The Concord estimator is always higher than the actual fees. I asked my pro rep awhile back why that was the case, and she didn't really know why either. Her suggestion was to use the site for availability, but go through your assigned rep for any money estimates.

    Michael Detroit
    Executive Producer

  • 3.  RE: Question about Concord Licensing Fees

    Posted 05-10-2022 14:13
    Hi everyone,

    Great questions! The estimator tool on the website references licensing fees only and does NOT include required rental materials.  As noted on our website, we recommend using the estimator tool for general information only. To get a more precise estimate (including rental materials) and confirm availability, you'll need to submit a license request through our website.

    Submitting a request does not obligate you to producing or paying for the show, but it will give us the information we need to determine this title's availability and the most accurate estimate of fees. If you have any specific questions about your license request or performance agreement, please reach out at  and our team will be happy to assist you.

    Rosemary Bucher
    Educational Theatre Licensing Coordinator