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  • 1.  thespian troupe application form

    Posted 11-15-2021 09:57
    By any chance, do any of you mind sharing with me the application form you use for future thespian troupe members? If you have any handout sheets, I would also be glad to look at those. ;) I know there are the official panflets, etc. but I am trying to have EVERYTHING clearly defined in the handout sheet so students know what are expected.
    Thank you!

    Marta Carvalho
    Drama Director
    Carlucci American International School of Lisbon, Portugal

  • 2.  RE: thespian troupe application form

    Posted 11-26-2021 12:11
    Could you be more specific on what you mean?  I post the guidelines on how to become a Thespian and my officers talk about it in monthly drama meetings.  So, mainly, it's how you become a Thespian.  

    I can share whatever files I have, but we don't have an "application" form.  I have a master binder that has all of their work and hours completed for Thespian hours/points.

    Natalie (Saunders) Dommer
    Pasadena Memorial High School
    Pasadena, Texas

  • 3.  RE: thespian troupe application form

    Posted 11-27-2021 19:03
    Marta, as I understand it, any student who earns the requisite number of points should be inducted into the troupe.  In the troupes in schools where I taught, that meant that the theatre account paid the membership dues for any student who qualified for induction but was unable to pay.

    Once you have your first group of troupe members, then there will be decisions.  EdTA has a sample Constitution for the troupe, which you can use as a basic framework, but that you can change.  For instance, since money was never allowed to be in the hands of students, we did not have a Treasurer.  (I gave a financial report after each show.)  We added two offices, that of Publicist and Historian, detailing their responsibilities in our constitution.    

    In the troupes for which I was director, we also created bylaws, which could be amended or changed by a majority vote at any point.  The bylaws listed how often we would have meetings, what day of the week, etc.  It also listed the method by which students could be excused from a meeting and that the penalty for missing a certain number of meetings was probation, along with the details for getting off probation or going on inactive status.  Our bylaws also stated that every member was expected to participate in every show in some capacity--which could be attending a set and costume construction Saturday, doing art for the program and poster, hanging posters in the community, etc.    

    We also created a mission statement for the troupe. 

    The requirements for induction and initial membership in an ITS troupe are set by EdTA, and I believe it is really important that there be no evaluation by you or future troupe members as to whether individual students are worthy of induction.  If they have earned the points through participation, they have earned the right to become ITS members. 

    Structuring your troupe documents so that you can remove students who become an impediment to your mission is also important, but I urge you not to let a vote of the troupe members be part of that removal.  My troupe members knew that being put on inactive status meant they could not wear ITS honor cords or be listed in the graduation program as Thespians and that they could not expect a letter of recommendation from me--but the fact that they had been inducted into the International Thespian Society remained.

    CJ Breland
    Retired Theatre Arts Educator

  • 4.  RE: thespian troupe application form

    Posted 11-30-2021 13:02

    Thank you so much for this thorough response with your ideas and best practices.

    I will confirm that it is against all policies for students to be involved in the induction decision process. The awarding of points and final decision to induct can only be made by the troupe director. There should never be any student involvement in that process.

    @Marta Carvalho - Please check out the following page for more resources that may be helpful for you in the beginning stages of your troupe:

    As always, please keep reaching out to your peers here in the Community or you can always email us at

    Have a great day!​

    Hans Weichhart
    Chief Membership Officer
    Educational Theatre Association