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  • 1.  Restricted rights?

    Posted 12-13-2021 20:36
    Hi, all. I am currently anxiously awaiting to hear back from Concord Theatricals about an application for a musical (can't announce yet as we're still awaiting building & licensor approval) that says "Rights may be restricted in your area." In checking the map, I see another production is occurring around the same time about 90 minutes away. This was not on the map when I submitted my application. I know rights are often restricted when there's a professional production or tour nearby. The message said that additional clearance would be needed.

    I'm just curious if anyone has had any experience with (1) current Concord Theatricals licensing (after the merger-based on earlier posts, I know that the transition was particularly chaotic), (2) criteria used to decide if rights are restricted (other than a nearby professional production/tour), (3) whether there's any way to appeal an initial rejection.

    I realize that additional clearance is probably what is taking so long (we heard back from Concord within 36 hours of applying for rights for our fall play), but based on past experiences when applications take awhile to process, it doesn't usually turn out well. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I just have this sinking feeling that things won't work out...

    Ethan Mathias
    Hamilton Southeastern High School

  • 2.  RE: Restricted rights?

    Posted 12-14-2021 07:43
    Concord Theatricals is extremely litigious: We are doing CLUE: The Musical (which they hold the rights for) and, when they saw that we were advertising the show before we had paid the rights IN FULL (yes: they checked our website) we were threatened by them.

    I will NOT be using them for muscals ever again, and probs not for straight plays either (if I can help it)


    Robert E. Roy (He/Him/His), Director of Drama
    English Language Arts Dept.
    Pinckney Community High School
    META State Board Representative
    Certified Link Crew Coordinator

  • 3.  RE: Restricted rights?

    Posted 12-14-2021 10:45
    Hi Ethan,

    Thanks for checking in!

    New releases and restricted titles often require additional clearances from third-party representation. Because this request requires extra clearances, we aren't able to have a set timeline, though we follow up regularly to get you an answer as soon as possible. After looking, we see your request was approved and is pending processing, which we'll take care of right away. 

    If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly Or you can always reach out to us at to check in on individual applications and ask questions.

    Billie Davis
    VP, Amateur Licensing
    Concord Theatricals