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  • 1.  Wednesday’s Wisdom from EdTA Sages

    Posted 01-20-2022 08:29
    Musings Regarding Castings Co-Curricular/Extra-Curricular Productions
    Truisms I have Gleaned during Years of Castings
    *Rehearsal schedules and performance dates must be established with school wide and Theatre festivals considered.
    *Rehearsal beginning and ending times must be communicated to all parents/responsible adults of Theatre students and posted on the Theatre Department websites well ahead of the first audition.
    *Parents/responsible adults must sign the rehearsal/production schedule.
    *Rehearsal beginning and ending time must be adhered to by all Production staff. Doors are locked, and all are walking out at the ending time.
    *Known absences must be communicated prior to the audition date.
    *Any additional absences must be approved by parents/director/s.
    *Establishing performances prior to any grade postings helps eliminate students being removed because of low grades.
    *If the director is a one-person staff, other Theatre knowledgeable adults must be included in the audition and casting process.
    *As many have posted on this Community, it is beneficial to have protocols in place as to when and how the cast list is posted, along with a “no-communication about casting” time period.
    *That students and parents understand any reactions to casting will be shared with administration.
    *The director establish some kind of communication with each student who auditioned.
    *That we communicate to all even though the rehearsals take place after school time, that there is learning and standards-based education is happening.
    Gai Laing Jones

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    Posted 01-20-2022 12:20
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