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Wednesday Wisdom from Emeritus Members

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    Posted 05-24-2023 09:01

    TIPS FOR ACTORS:  A Great Classroom Journaling and Discussion Text

    As you round out your school year and head into summer, you may be searching for some new classroom texts and curriculum ideas for the following school year.  I highly recommend Jon Jory's TIPS: Ideas for Actors.  This is a wonderful book to use for daily classroom journaling, reflection and discussion.  His "tips" address a real variety of acting terminology and suggestions for working through them in rehearsal, class scene work or in production.  The format is really accessible for high school.  Each "tip" is a short paragraph on the page.  There is often room to journal in the book, or you can have them journal in a separate notebook.  These "tips" provide a great opportunity for discussion following the daily reading.  

    I would use this book as a 10 minute starter in my Advanced Acting class.  Following their reading/journaling, I would open it up for class discussion.  This book provides a great extension of classroom curriculum and rehearsal strategies in a concise and accessible format.  I am including here a screenshot of the "tip" about TACTICS so you can see just how easy it is to read and reflect upon.  

    And...if you want to explore some helpful and little reminder "tips" for yourself, Jon Jory also wrote, TIPS: Ideas for Directors.

    CJ Hindman
    Retired Theatre Teacher