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  • 1.  Seeking Advice for Non-Profit's Theatre Licensing Website

    Posted 04-27-2024 13:12

    Hello Theatre Educators,

    I'm Johnny Cassidy of Authentic Stories, a non-profit aimed at providing schools with meaningful theater productions. We're refining our website to make licensing plays and musicals straightforward and supportive, with a focus on mental health and navigating the digital age.

    I would love feedback from theatre educators about our site to to better fit educational needs. If you could spare a few moments to share your insights on our site's user experience, navigation, and information clarity, it would greatly aid us in supporting educators and students in the arts.

    Thank you for considering this request and for all you do to inspire young minds in theater!!

    Johnny Cassidy

    John Cassidy

  • 2.  RE: Seeking Advice for Non-Profit's Theatre Licensing Website

    Posted 04-28-2024 11:42
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    Good effort, and the SUBSCRIBE button looks good, but it's hard to read the small text, especially in faint pink/yellow areas, and very hard to read the box over other boxes in the middle. (My current website needs an overhaul so I am studying hard before I attempt it.)

    Try a few changes of font style (only 2 or 3 text styles to start), watching for contrast between font color and background color. Make sure the lines of text can wrap as a window is re-sized, and make sure the heading fonts stay small enough to fit a screen when the reader enlarges the small text to be readable size.

    I am looking at your website on a MacBook Air with screen resolution set to 1152 x 720, so my pixels are bigger than the fine resolution that could be possible with this device, and your website's text is still too small to read easily.   See attached screenshot from my device. has workshops on this sort of topic. Here is the link to their info about website design:

    A good website format communicates easily to readers on all devices, and conveys a professional tone about doing business. To help you along, I found these examples that are easier to read and easier to navigate, with navigation text in red over white background, or black over gray, in simple font.

    Dramatists Play Service, Inc.    

    Homepage | Concord Theatricals


    [Eve] [Sutton]
    [Curriculum Designer]
    [Mortgage Meltdown: The Musical]