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  • 1.  Problem licensing The Prom?

    Posted 11-29-2022 09:22
    Is anyone else having difficulty licensing "The Prom" from TRW? Back in September,  I requested a license for a May production. The only response I have been able to get is that it's pending and that it's out of TRW's hands. Anyone else having trouble getting a response , a yes or no would be nice? At this point I may have to just choose another show.

    Sean Blauvelt
    Arroyo Grande High School

  • 2.  RE: Problem licensing The Prom?

    Posted 11-30-2022 07:38
    I know that there are HS pilot productions in place right now - so they may be holding off on adding any additional licensees until that process is complete.  Truman HS (near Philadelphia) is one of them - and they open next week.   TRW had a booth at ITF in Indiana, and it was a new acquisition for them - but it had limited availability for now because of the pilots. 

    I think that there is another school in the Midwest (?) also doing it sometime this year?

    But that may be a factor as to why you haven't gotten a response yet... and you may want to have a plan  B in case the timeline doesn't work out.  I am sure that it will be a popular choice once it becomes widely available!

  • 3.  RE: Problem licensing The Prom?

    Posted 11-30-2022 21:24
    As Melissa correctly wrote, the third and final pilot production of THE PROM School Edition opens next week in Levittown, Pennsylvania. Shortly thereafter there will be an official release of the school edition. Meanwhile, anyone with a license for THE PROM is permitted to use the school edition script. Regarding licensing, now that the national tour has concluded, there are some regional restrictions in place due to professional theatres preparing to present the show. (including many restrictions in California).  All applications in restricted territories are submitted for approval. Unfortunately, some replies take longer than others. 

    [Jim] [Hoare]
    [New York] [NY]