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  • 1.  Order receipts for inductions and thespian materials

    Posted 06-27-2023 08:57

    Friends, I have reached out to member services, but response is taking a while and my Activities Director is getting antsy because accounting is getting antsy. So I'm popping the question here. How does one get a receipt for a paid invoice? The backstory:

    I generated orders for induction materials and membership renewal. Plus I generated an order for pins, stars, cords etc. Because of the way my district processes payment, my AD logged onto my troupe account and paid by credit card. All the orders have been received and my account shows no money owing so that is all fine - but my AD has no receipt to turn in to accounting. There used to be a transaction history where one could recover such a thing but I can't find a tab/link. Has anyone else had to deal with this and if so, what was your point of contact to get receipts? 

    Thanks in advance for any insight/help.

    Janet Wood
    Drama Director
    [Columbia High School]
    [Columbia] [PA]

  • 2.  RE: Order receipts for inductions and thespian materials

    Posted 06-28-2023 11:12
    Question answered! Thank you!!

  • 3.  RE: Order receipts for inductions and thespian materials

    Posted 07-05-2023 11:11

    When the person paid for it, there should have been an email receipt that was sent. Mine from from and have the subject line "Order Confirmation." Those emails show what was purchased, how much, and how it was paid for.

    If that email doesn't exist (and make sure you check all emails it could be - at one point the email I had in EdTA was not my school email, for some reason), then try this:

    *Log in to your EdTA account.
    *On the left hand side, about halfway down, "My Troupe/School/Org." Click on that.
    *At the top of the page, it should say "My Affiliations." Under that, Current Affiliations, Primary Affiliation, and then your school name.
    *To the right of your school name should be 3 dots. Click on those.
    *The menu that pops up should have "View Paid Orders" as the 4th (and last) option. Click that.
    *Your paid-for orders are now there, but be aware that they are in ascending chronological order - meaning the most recent is at the end. I had to go to the 4th/last page to find my most recent order.

    I hope that helps! I know it's not intuitive at all and I stumbled on it by accident the other day.

    Laura Steenson
    Milwaukie High School

  • 4.  RE: Order receipts for inductions and thespian materials

    Posted 07-05-2023 11:11

    Hi Janet. I have had this problem in the past as well and it is frustrating. On the account page, you can click on the My troupe/School/Org tab, which will take you to the "My Affiliations" page, click the box with three dots then "view paid orders". This should take you to your paid orders and invoices. Hope this helps. 

    Alison Manning
    Cumberland Gap High School