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New, Free, Youth Musical Ideal for Elementary/Middle Schools with a Large Cast

  • 1.  New, Free, Youth Musical Ideal for Elementary/Middle Schools with a Large Cast

    Posted 24 days ago


      My name is Steve Flowers, I am a middle school music teacher in Illinois. Last year I wrote a new musical, Too Cool for Preschool, and performed it with my middle school students. It's a comedy, with lots of opportunities for kids to be goofy, which they really enjoyed! Here is a brief synopsis:


    All of the five-year-olds at Agnes O'Connor Preschool think that they are 'too cool' and ready to move on to kindergarten, while Agnes, the owner and teacher, secretly wants to sell her school to a real estate developer. But after surviving three crazy days of power outages, temper tantrums and food fights, the kids, parents, and teachers all realize this school means more to them than they ever imagined!

      Although the name of the musical is Too Cool for Preschool, it's written for middle school students. It is one hour in length and has a cast size of 33 speaking roles. Most of the roles are non-gender specific, some can be combined/removed if needed, and they are almost all equal in lines and stage time. The age of the actors can range anywhere from 7-16 years old. Older children can play the roles of the teachers and parents, and the younger children can play the preschoolers (it's also fun to cast 1-2 older boys as preschoolers!) There are 12 songs, some performed by the entire cast and some sung by smaller ensembles or soloists. 

      I have written three other youth musicals which have been published, but Too Cool for Preschool is unpublished. I am offering it for free to any schools/theatres who would like use it for a production. I am not looking for any money, I would just love to see it performed again! Here is short medley featuring 6 of the songs:

      If you are interested in reading the script of over the summer I would be happy to share it with you along with the music recordings. Just post a reply and please include your email address. 


    Steve Flowers