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Fundraising Ideas for the Curtain Call

  • 1.  Fundraising Ideas for the Curtain Call

    Posted 05-13-2024 19:58

    Hello everyone,

    I am the director of a public school in Taiwan and am looking for additional ways to receive donations for our program. We are not allowed to charge any admission or sell concessions and have no other significant sources of income outside of my funds. Previously, I just had a donation box, but even when it was mentioned, it brought in very little. For our shows last semester, Tori Councill recommended we do the "minute to win it" game where, after the curtain call, students come out with their props and costumes and see how much money the audience can donate within a minute. I am looking for a similar game/strategy to encourage audience members to donate right after the curtain call. We raised a lot of money last time, and I'd like to achieve something similar with an equally fun, interactive, and rambunctious donation drive. Thanks for your help.

    Sean Graham

    Sean Graham
    Performing Arts & Homeroom Teacher
    Troupe Director, Troupe 11103
    Proud Producer of Theater in Taiwan
    Intl. Bilingual Sch. at Central Taiwan Sci. Park