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  • 1.  Mary Poppins Costumes

    Posted 08-12-2016 04:38

    We are producing "Mary Poppins" this fall. We are trying to connect with any resources to rent or borrow costumes. Does anyone know of any that rent under $50 a costume?  We'd also be happy to rent or borrow from other schools or theaters.

    Jessica Harms
    Theatre Director
    Acton MA

  • 2.  RE: Mary Poppins Costumes

    Posted 08-12-2016 07:59

    Send me your e mail address and I will give you the Costumer's name I use that is from Long Island. 

    She is the costumer for a regional theatre and has access to Poppins as she has done the show before. 

    Kate Caton
    Drury Stage Company
    Founder and Director
    Drury High School
    N Adams, MA

  • 3.  RE: Mary Poppins Costumes

    Posted 01-10-2022 13:58
    Hi Kate,

    I know it's been years but do you still have the contact info for the "Mary Poppins" costumer?



    [Jen] [Jordan]
    [Director of Theater and Dance]
    [Junior Class and Day Student Advisor]
    [Miss Hall's School]
    [Pittsfield] [MA]

  • 4.  RE: Mary Poppins Costumes

    Posted 08-13-2016 13:00

    I rented the show from Mardi Gras Costumes in Arizona.  Even with 2 way shipping, they were among the lowest cost, best quality I found.  Most costumes were around $50 each.  Break a leg!

    Abra Chusid
    Theatre Director
    Buffalo Grove IL