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  • 1.  Voice acting

    Posted 01-24-2022 14:39
    I had another staff member come to me and ask how one would get started with voice acting. Her son has shown interest in this, but this is not anything offered in my district. Does anyone have any resources about where to start that I could share with her?

    Donavon Higbee
    Theatre Teacher

  • 2.  RE: Voice acting

    Posted 01-24-2022 14:57
    Hello Donavon,
    Voice acting is my side hustle and I love talking about it with anyone who's interested.  I got started about 9 years ago narrating audiobooks and that's gradually led to doing more commercial work and video game characters.

    A great place to start is  of very good info there.  There are also a handful of high quality Facebook Groups like:

    Lastly, I'm also an acting coach for stage, film & TV, and voice over and I always offer a free 30 minute lesson to any newcomers interested in getting started.  Please feel free to share my contact info with anyone who's interested.  Best way to reach me regarding voice over or acting coaching is at

    I look forward to yours or her questions!


    Aaron W. Miller

    Director of Fine Arts & Enrichment


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  • 3.  RE: Voice acting

    Posted 01-25-2022 05:35
    I used to work as an agent in LA. Most of our clients did voice work, and the jobs are union ones -SAG AFTRA. Most voice work is in LA, Chicago, or NYC for commercials and animation is done all over, but mostly in LA and Toronto. Local ads might work, so have them work on their voices and search for commercial agents. Very few jobs for kids. Most kid voices are adults. The more voices you can do, the better.