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Elementary School Production: How to do it?

  • 1.  Elementary School Production: How to do it?

    Posted 11-19-2021 20:20
    Hello community,

    I recently started at a new international, bilingual school teaching performing arts for grades 1-6. As the school just opened its elementary division, we've already had middle and high, I would like to put on a simple production to ease our way into this becoming a yearly or bi-yearly thing. Our elementary division only has about 20 students. I am curious if anyone has an experience they'd like to share. My specific questions are:

    1. What production could I put on that would be good for grades 1-6?
    2. Should I make it different productions, say one for grades 1-3 and one for grades 4-6? Although that would be more work and sort of oust the idea of starting simply. 
    3. I see the grades at different times throughout the week, is there a way to use class time to rehearse even if I don't have all the performers there?
    4. Should I consider having an open-door policy for any middle/high school students who want to perform? Although they don't have any performing arts lessons nor do I teach them, they know who I am and what I teach.

    Thanks for any suggestions or advice.


    Sean Graham
    Performing Arts & Homeroom Teacher