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    Posted 6 days ago
    Hi All-

    I'm looking to find ways to boost enrollment in my upper level courses.   This year, we had nearly 40 students involved in our extra-curricular fall production (which is great for us) and enrollment in my beginner and intermediate classes is solid.  The issue is that, even when the kids have fun doing the extra-curricular shows, about 2/3 of them never sign up to take a theatre class....and the ones that do will do beginner and then do intermediate, but don't stick around for the upper-level production class.  

    We typically do 3 shows per year:   An extra-curricular Fall show, a student directed one-act festival, and a spring production class show.  

    My issue is that I'm trying to build skills and build up a stronger pool of actors....but it's hard to do when many of them only do one show per year. 

    Even though I tell them we do a show in the Spring production class, that doesn't seem to entice them....and so the production class has stayed fairly small.  


    Blake Wilson
    Theatre Arts Director
    Orange High School