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Musical Director - what's the minimum time?

  • 1.  Musical Director - what's the minimum time?

    Posted 11-23-2021 06:58
    I'm so excited at the prospect of actually being able to produce a middle school musical this year (still awaiting final COVID safety approval) ... but I am in a position I've not been in before.  I've worked with two music directors over a number of years, and developed strong working relationships with them, but neither of them feels able to take it on this year.  I didn't start searching sooner, as it looked like the district wasn't going to permit a musical.  Then 5-11 year olds got the okay for vaccines, and now it looks possible.  And I'm suddenly in a time and personnel crunch.

    So, here's my question:  what is the minimum amount of time commitment that could be feasibly required of a musical director for a middle school musical, junior version, performing with the performance tracks?  How would you list and spread out the hours?  Has anyone ever worked with a musical director who just taught the songs at the start, then came back once or twice in the middle for a refresher, then for the last week and a half to conduct?  

    My hope is still to find a good person to do the "normal" version of the job (a couple days a week throughout), but I want to be able to offer a "minimized version" as a back up if I need it.

    Thanks for any advice you can offer,

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