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  • 1.  Help finding lights and mics!

    Posted 01-24-2022 12:41
    Hey friends! Our school doesn't have a lighting or sound system and I would love to eventually get some. Ideas for ordering wireless mics and a couple spotlights? Thanks!

    Savannah Hard

  • 2.  RE: Help finding lights and mics!

    Posted 01-25-2022 10:00
    Hi Savannah,

    This may be a more complex question than you have imagined. Although there may be some workable "off the shelf" solutions,
    much of this will depend on the theatre space you work in, your budget, and what your perceived needs are. 

    In all likelihood, there is a reliable vendor, theatre consultant, and/or a theatre professor in your area who might help
    you in your decision making. 

    So, where are you based? That might help us in recommending people to reach out to.

    Dana Taylor

    Dana Taylor
    Educational Consultant
    Evansville, IN