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New Dramatists Guild Resource for Theatre Educators

  • 1.  New Dramatists Guild Resource for Theatre Educators

    Posted 01-24-2022 08:29

    Hi everyone, I'm the co-chair of the Dramatists Guild Education Committee and also a high school theatre teacher. We're creating a resource to help theatre educators with some of the things that often come up for us but we may not know the answer or proper procedure. Please check out the following and send us anything that's on your mind and please share this with fellow theatre educators. Thanks!

    Are you a theatre educator? Do you have questions about how to work with dramatic texts in your school productions? Please share your questions with us!

    The Dramatists Guild Education Committee is creating a resource guide that will be a Q&A for theatre educators. We'll answer frequently asked questions exploring issues of copyright, public domain, and more.

    Sample questions include:

    • What if we want to use copyrighted songs/music in our show?
    • What is the process for requesting changes in a play script?
    • What is the public domain and what does it apply to?

    What other topics should we address in this upcoming resource guide? We want to hear from you!


    Stephen Kaplan