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  • 1.  Twilight Zone

    Posted 10-24-2015 07:19

    I'm looking to produce a Twilight Zone play, but haven't found good scripts. Any suggestions?

    Bethany Yuninger
    Dallastown HS

  • 2.  RE: Twilight Zone

    Posted 10-25-2015 10:59
    A couple years ago a colleague of mine here in Tucson tried to produce an adaptation they created since they could find no scripts, but could not get permission/authorization.  She went through a lengthy process but the studios with the rights wouldn't budge, and they had to abandon the project.   If you turn up anything new, it would be great to hear about it.  

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  • 3.  RE: Twilight Zone

    Posted 10-27-2015 09:18

    A local theatre group is producing a Twilight Zone show for Halloween.  I contacted the director, and she said the scripts are the easy part. The Earl Hamner and Richard Matheson scripts are available for purchase on Amazon, but Rod Serling's episodes aren't available. Unfortunately, getting rights/permission was about a two-year process. First you need permission from CBS, then you need permission from the playwright. It's not a typical process by any means. Hope that helps!

    Janie Modlin
    Director of Theatre
    Ashland Independent Schools
    Chesapeake OH