• Thespy Steering Committee Seeking New Members

    Want to be a part of helping to create the Thespy rubrics, events and guidelines?  Here's your chance- the Thespy Steering committee is looking for more members!  Apply to become a member here.
    Learn more about the structure of the Thespy committee and regional representation here.

     Dear Potential Committee Members,

    Over the past five plus years, the Thespy Steering Committee of EdTA has worked to improve and adapt the Thespy program to what it is today. Yet, our work is not done. The world of educational theater is constantly changing and evolving and as educators our job is to adapt and evolve with those changes so that we can continue to serve our students. 

    The Thespy Committee is looking for new voices to join our seasoned group of Thespian members. Our committee has a robust agenda for this school year and while our small committee has accomplished a lot, we know that we will only get stronger by adding more members to our team. 

    Our committee meets once a month via Zoom and subcommittees will have occasional meetings to work through projects. We work hand in hand with the EdTA office staff to create, revise and evaluate our Thespy contests each year. Over the past few years, our committee was instrumental in creating the Musical Theater Dance contest, standardizing the technical theater Thespy rubrics and working to provide exceptional resources and training for our students that participate in the Thespy events. 

    As we look to expand our committee, we are looking for members from all size states and geographic regions. All of our states have different issues, challenges and successes as far as their Thespy events and we welcome all of that expertise and knowledge to our table. 

    If you are interested in applying to serve on the Thespy committee or you have a representative from your state that you believe would be a good fit, please reach out to Cory Wilkerson, EdTA Education, at .  

    We hope that you will consider joining us as we work to continue to improve the Thespy program for theater students worldwide. 


    Kendra Willeby, Texas Thespians
    EdTA Thespy Committee Chair

    Cory Wilkerson
    Education Department
    Educational Theatre Association