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    Posted 01-21-2021 11:51
    Hello All:  Just checking in amongst jr. high/sr. high troupes out there to see if anyone has actually performed a live show this school year with an audience (in Ohio, the governor allows for theatres to be at 15% capacity). Please note, I am not advocating to perform live with an audience at this point, just inquiring if anyone has and how it went? And, if comfortable sharing, what unique safety precautions were put in place (aside from the obvious). THANKS TO ALL ...  hope is everyone is safe, healthy and happy!


    Mr. Brett Hiner
    English Teacher/Drama Director
    Wooster High School
    Wooster, Ohio

  • 2.  RE: Live Shows

    Posted 01-22-2021 08:04
    Hi Brett,

    We did a live show about 2 weeks ago. 

    We did
    1. 2 tickets per show for every student involved (cast and crew). Our auditorium seats 650, so this was well under the #
    2. masks for audience
    3. tickets had to be bought in pairs in order to social distance the audience
    4. ​Temp checks and questionnaire at the door. We put up a sign and ushers asked the questions. If they answered anything yes, they weren't allowed in.
    5. each audience member was required to check in with an email for contact tracing 
    6. no intermission, concession stand, or meet and greet after with the cast
    7. Dismiss by rows starting with the back

    Hope this helps!

    Sarah Stoffle

  • 3.  RE: Live Shows

    Posted 01-22-2021 09:49
    We did do a live performance with an audience in December. We did an evening of one acts. Performers were masked and socially distanced. Audience was limited to 10%. We have a large auditorium so it was fine for that kind of a show. We were allowed to have about 100 people but ended up with about 50 there. I set up our audience in socially distanced pods of 1, 2, 3 and 4 seats. I worked with Showtix4u and they were easy to work with and get our seating pods set up and priced. While this could have been done on our own, I decided to use them as a trial for our spring show where we will hopefully be able to seat more people but likely still in pods. We had no concessions. We did the program using a QR code. I think that was it. It worked out great and people really seemed to enjoy doing and seeing a live show. We did also record the show and made it available on Showtix4u for any friends/family who did not feel comfortable attending in person.

    Suzanne Safran
    Central Bucks West High School