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  • 1.  Take Care of You!

    Posted 03-25-2020 15:47
    We are living in a highly stressful time. We (teachers, students and parents) do not need more anxiety. While we have a job to educate our students, we need to be mindful of the circumstances and always do what is best for our personal well being as well as the well being of our students. This means taking a step back and asking what is the best way I can serve my students without causing more anxiety for myself and them. You might have to deviate from your normal lessons and curriculum. That is ok. Give your students the best possible experience you can without sacrificing your own well being. None of us were prepared for this. Do your best. Always lead from a place of love. What you are doing is enough. Thank you all for being the beautiful individuals and educators that you are. Much love and light to all of you!

    Scott F. Cooney
    NJ State Thespian State Board
    CTE Acting/Theatre Instructor
    BCIT Medford Academy of Performing Arts
    Medford, NJ