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  • 1.  Mary Poppins Orchestrations

    Posted 11-20-2015 16:29


    I am putting together a pit for Mary Poppins, and I am wondering if anyone has found a way to expand the strings roles?  There is one cello part in the standard orchestration, but we have a few talented violins we'd like to be able to include in the show.  Has anyone found any doubling or woodwind parts that can also work with violin or viola?

    Thank you,

    Abra Chusid

    Abra Chusid
    Theatre Director
    Buffalo Grove IL

  • 2.  RE: Mary Poppins Orchestrations

    Posted 11-21-2015 07:36
    Edited by Allen Price 11-21-2015 07:36

    We put a violin on the oboe part last year and it worked great.  

    Allen Price
    California MD