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EdTA Membership Policy 2022.pdf   88 KB   1 version
Uploaded - 01-25-2024
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Activity safety guidelines   131 KB   1 version
Uploaded - 02-16-2017
This document provides guidelines for activities sponsored by EdTA and for activities sponsored by chapters and troupes at various venues both on and off school campuses in order to foster a safe, educational and enjoyable environment for all members and participants. Except as noted herein, EdTA may, on their own, adopt policies that are stricter or adopt specific policies provided by sponsoring school districts other than the policies listed in this document. If you have a suggestion for other topics to be included among these guidelines, please submit suggestions, comments or questions to RiskManagement@schooltheatre.org.
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EdTA code of professional standards   17 KB   1 version
Uploaded - 06-07-2013
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EdTA hazing policy   14 KB   1 version
Uploaded - 06-07-2013
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EdTA statement of purpose appointed Board members   41 KB   1 version
Uploaded - 10-11-2013
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Chapter Governance Policy   117 KB   1 version
Uploaded - 08-14-2020
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EdTA Code of Conduct and Complaint Policy   243 KB   1 version
Uploaded - 12-04-2020
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EdTA Conflicts of Interest Policy   109 KB   1 version
Uploaded - 12-23-2020
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EdTA Board and Staff Areas of Responsibility   120 KB   1 version
Uploaded - 05-21-2021
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EdTA POLICY 12102022.pdf   461 KB   1 version
Uploaded - 12-14-2022
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EdTA Code of Regulations   146 KB   1 version
Uploaded - 03-29-2023

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