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Sage Words Wednesday January 26

  • 1.  Sage Words Wednesday January 26

    Posted 01-25-2022 09:26

    I know that most of you probably give notes at the end of rehearsals.  We give these notes so that our students can improve and do a better job in the show.  My first advice is at the beginning of the notes, ask your cast not to ask questions, give comments or tell you why they did something.  Ask them to take notes and listen, and then at the end if they have questions, to ask.  I found that this keeps notes to a manageable time.  I recently observed a community theatre production rehearsal where the notes on Act I took almost an hour!!!!

    My second piece of advice actually came from a student.  After rehearsal and notes a student approached me and asked if they had done anything good during the rehearsal.  I replied of course they were lots of great things going on.  The student then told me that I never mentioned any of those good things; I only mentioned the mistakes or things that needed work.  I tried to explain that I was looking for the things that they needed to make their show better.  As I drove home that evening, I thought more and more about what she had said.  After that evening I decided to start my notes with some good things.  So my challenge and advice is always begin your notes with something good no matter how bad the rehearsal is.  Give them something to be proud about and then something to build on.

    Hope that all of you are having a great year!!  Break a Leg on all of your shows!!

    Debby Gibbs