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  • 1.  Lighting Equipment Sale

    Posted 08-16-2021 19:59

    We are a small district in Colorado and just recently had a new building constructed. I am planning to sell some of our conventional fixtures (some that we inherited and some that we slowly bought as ticket sales allowed) and wanted to offer them to this community first. 

    1. We have a well maintained ETC element lighting console that I would sell for $2750
    2. We have two conventional Par strip/border lights that I would sell for $100 per set
    3. We have 12 Altman Ellipsoidals (4 narrow, 4 medium, 4 wide) That I would sell for $75 a piece. 
    4. We have 12 Altman Frenels that I would sell for $75 a piece. 
    5. We have 10 Silver Genaric Silver Par Cans that I would sell for $10 a piece. (Maybe Leviton 64's?)

    If you want to talk feel free to reach out. I would love to help someone that is in a similar scenario that I found myself a few years ago as I put all these pieces together. 

    Tanner Oharah

    PS if you know of a better place to post this for Colorado specific or lighting sale specific let me know.
    generic par

    Tanner Oharah
    Choir and Theatre Director
    Buena Vista High School

  • 2.  RE: Lighting Equipment Sale

    Posted 08-17-2021 07:00
    These are great prices for the equipment, please note when purchasing, sometimes the lamps for the PAR 64 units can be hard to get but sockets are still available. On the Ellipsoidals lamps and sockets are available but other parts for the fixtures are no longer produced, on the Fresnels all parts are available. As for the border lights, you can find 250W and some 300W lamps still available. Great pricing and good luck

    Jerry Onik
    V.P. Theatrical Supplies and Equipment
    Heartland Scenic Studio
    Omaha NE