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  • 1.  Letterman jacket

    Posted 01-26-2018 09:06
    there fellow motivators,

    I was wondering if anyone knows how many points a student thespian needs in order to actually get a letterman's jacket and letter? I know 60 points equals becoming an honor thespian but I can't find any requirements for the jacket.

    Stephen Ingle
    Drama Teacher
    Jefferson High School
    Jefferson, GA

  • 2.  RE: Letterman jacket

    Posted 01-27-2018 05:37
    I don’t think there’s an actual requirement. In my program you earn your letter after 30 points. At 60 points you become an honor thespian and earn the honor cords for graduation.

    Jason Lehman
    Jackson High School
    Jackson, GA

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  • 3.  RE: Letterman jacket

    Posted 01-30-2018 07:59
    Because programs are so varied, we don't have a specification for when a student letters in Theatre. The most common use I've heard about in my years at EdTA is that teachers award letters when a student earns the Honor Thespian rank (60 points = 600 hours of quality work). Of course, National and International Honor Thespian letters are awarded at the appropriate point totals of 120 and 180. The Best Thespian letter is almost always awarded to a graduating senior.

    David LaFleche
    Director of Membership
    Educational Theatre Association
    Cincinnati OH

  • 4.  RE: Letterman jacket

    Posted 01-27-2018 11:36
    This is likely up to you and your school or district. There are some people who have fought for years to get a letter recognized. For our school, you letter at 60 points. 

  • 5.  RE: Letterman jacket

    Posted 01-27-2018 14:27
    Our qualification for lettering is that a person must be part of the competition one act since that is run by the state athletic association, and must be part of at least one more production.

    Ken Buswell
    Drama Teacher
    Peachtree City, GA

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  • 6.  RE: Letterman jacket

    Posted 10-03-2022 09:43
    Letterman jackets are not awarded to those with 60 points it needs minimum 100 points

    Milend Gaba

  • 7.  RE: Letterman jacket

    Posted 10-03-2022 16:37
    I think it's really entirely up to the individual school. We don't require thespian points to earn a letter as not all of my theatre students are interested in being a member of ITS but we do still want to recognize those that have put in the work with a letter. We keep ITS points/awards and lettering separate. For us it works similar to a varsity sport; you have to put in exceptional work to earn a letter. We do four major productions a year and require students to be a part of at least two productions and be dedicated and hard working in those shows in order to earn a letter.  Some schools don't have ITS programs but still reward students with letters. I've never heard of any school awarding a letterman jacket; for us that is left up to the student whether they want to purchase one or not. In the school I work at, letterman jackets aren't really a thing any more. Out of 925 students, I'd say less than 75 actually have letterman jackets and rarely do you ever see them worn at school. Again, awarding a jacket is probably left up to the individual school and you can set your own benchmarks for earning one according to your individual program.

    Jillian Lietzau
    Lutheran High School