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  • 1.  Theatre Experience/Paternity Leave

    Posted 12-26-2021 20:31
    Hello EdTA community! I'm a high school drama teacher, all boys school, and I am looking for ideas on a two week lesson that is self guided for my students. There will be a sub in the room but I'd like to have something meaningful for them to do in the two weeks that I am gone. This is an Acting II class. I was thinking of giving them a devised project, or perhaps a theatre history project but I'd appreciate some insight and feedback from those of you who have gone on a short leave in the past. Thanks for everything!
    John Smiley
    Actor - Director - Teaching Artist
    Actors' Equity Association
    MFA Acting, University of Texas at Austin

  • 2.  RE: Theatre Experience/Paternity Leave

    Posted 01-05-2022 13:56
    Have you checked the EdTA's Click To Teach lessons and units? I'd start there. 

    I would also highly recommend the Daily 8 Count for Musical Theatre dance. It's a lot of fun!

    Christopher Hamilton
    Drama Teacher
    Kamiakin High School

  • 3.  RE: Theatre Experience/Paternity Leave

    Posted 01-06-2022 10:02
    There are Emergency Sub plans and self-guided "take-home" lessons available from Drama Teacher Academy that are worth looking into. I also recommend the theatre history videos available from PBS Crash Course Theatre.

    Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
    Theatre Department Coordinator
    Shenandoah Valley Governor's School

  • 4.  RE: Theatre Experience/Paternity Leave

    Posted 01-11-2022 15:11

    Cassie and Chris stole my thunder. You could also have them pair up and write scenes around a specific event, time or place.

    Crit Fisher
    Lighting/Sound Designer
    New Albany High School